Samsung’s NX300 Versus The Rest of Its DSLR Class

woman_camera_handNothing captures the moment better than a camera but with so many cameras out today, Samsung creates the overwhelming NX300 which is said to be better than DSLR. Many people who have been clinging to photography all their life will definitely need to know the difference between the 2. Thus we will be listing the ups and downs between a DSLR, which have been the top for companies like Nikon or Canon, and the NX300.

First of all what is DSLR? As you may have friends who love to chat, they may sometimes begin talking in what may sound like encrypted codes to you. Something like, “the FPS shows an improvement to vid but the DPI scales are just the same even with the DSLR, plus there’s no output HDMI but an RGB instead”. What? Well SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex camera which used to be the standard for photography. An improvement to that just added a digital version to eliminate the use of films, so Digital Single Lens Reflex is a fancy word for digital camera.

Using snapshots is the basic for any camera as digital, or DSLR allowed multi snapshots in seconds. Of course you can just use video but utilizing multi snaps has its purposes. Also making videos may sometimes be a large file if you wish to transfer or send via e-mail. The NX300, on the other hand can take ultra fast snapshots in milliseconds… in high definition.

As we mentioned FPS earlier, it stands for Frames Per Second. This is something gamers will know off-hand as it can be a problem to old computers, outdated graphics cards and such. The video quality of anything relies on Frames Per Second, the faster the frames, the less lag and vertical out-synced lines you will encounter. With that said, a powerful DSLR camera can go up to 4-5 FPS in HD giving good quality video shooting, whereas the NX300 goes up to an astonishing 8-8.6 FPS which will give extreme precision on moving objects.

The weight and bulk may often be in question- as some people can even lose their cameras unnoticeably because it is slightly heavier. The lighter they are the better right? The DSLR cameras were a huge improvement to the even bulkier and heavier cameras by weighing as low as .82 lbs, but the NX300 goes even lower down to a mere .62 lbs. Touch screen ability is a huge plus for the NX300 using its active matrix organic light-emitting diode, or AMOLED, tilt display. If you have an iPhone, Galaxy or any touch screen smart phone, chances are they have an AMOLED as well. Unfortunately some of the DSLR with its liquid crystal display, or LCD used by most slim computer monitors, does not have touch screen features, rather you must use the dial or buttons for whichever model it is built in with.

Using its 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensors, the most advanced sensor in its class today, it will deliver images which appear life- like and will point out every single flaw possible that you may not see with your naked eyes. You can thank the NX300’s hybrid AF phase detection and fine tuned contrast for that.

So what else does it include that DSLR doesn’t you may ask? Well it also includes 3D shooting for the advanced realism as well as Wi- Fi 802.11g- standard. That’s right you can go online using a camera now, but not only that you can also make use of its social network like sharing on Facebook or Picasa and so on. None of these extra packages can be found in the entire DSLR class.

If you are not so considerate about the quality of photos nor have enough money, then there’s no need to worry. Both the DSLR classes and the NX300 are at the same price range. But if it may be an important aspect and absolute must for quality over quantity then the NX300 is the way to go.