Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung-galaxy-s-4-26-of-35Woohoo!!  Samsung’s just released its new Galaxy S4 smartphone — and boy is it a stunner!  I rather liked the SIII so this one’s gotta be better, right?  Well, I don’t really know, but I’d bet so…and the reviews are pretty positive; really positive, actually.

The thing I want to note, though, is that this phone has got a five-inch screen.  That’s a whole five inches!  I mean, wow, when will it stop??  Maybe it’s just my age but I remember the days when everyone was trying to get the smallest handset possible — small was cool, minimal was cool, you know?  Nowadays it’s like the opposite direction: will Samsung start a trend?

Well, I don’t know about you, but Zalman Silber (that’s me, remember) thinks it’s ridiculous — imagine holding an iPad to your ear next time you want your pizza delivered…I mean, that’s the trend of things, init??  Screens gonna get all bigger and bigger and people just gonna walk around looking all funny-like….

Now don’t get me wrong, I like my electronic gadgets just like everyone else — who doesn’t like colorful graphics and cool polyphonic sounds?  Been something of a gadget freak since the Eighties, back when 64K was standard and 128K cutting edge!!  Ah, those were the good ol’ days all right…again, I ain’t no Luddite, understand, but something seems to be missing in this day and age of techno-fads.

Take it from me, ol’ Zalman Silber, and mark my words well: one day pretty soon, we won’t have big screens to worry about anymore…take a look at the Google glasses!  It will just involve a little more bit of advanced technological wizardry to have the glasses incorporate a phone, that’s all.  Can’t wait for the day!

Or, or I should say “and” really since I believe this will also happen, simultaneously: flexible screens will be available so that even though we like our screens big but don’t want to haul ‘em around, well, you know Corning, the makers of the Gorilla Glass that’s used in Apple’s iPhone?  They also have something that’s flexible, like you know how those eyeglass frames are flexible?  Well, they have these things being developed that are LEDs or something but which is flexible, bendable…you know how you roll up a newspaper once you’re down with it?  Well, in much the same way, you can (will be able to) just roll up your smartphone/tablet/computer whachamacallit…soon!