Reviews, Schmeviews!

PRO_IMG_1321818625_hand_sanitizer_220Oh blast it, it’s time for another of my famous Zalman Silber digital reviews.  You know, where I tell you about stuff I can’t afford to own myself, relying on review copies or, in most cases, (other) review sites!

Heh heh…okay, well, here’s where I come clean (and it’s only my fifth or sixth or so-th post — how’s that for being honest right from the beginning…virtually!): I don’t really know what I’m talking about.  I’m just a consumer like you.  And yeah, maybe I play with these things every now and then…but maybe I don’t.  And then what?

Well, you can still trust that these are my opinions, Zalman’s very own, as well his very best!  So before I grow this blog any bigger and risk offending lotsa loyal listeners/readers/whatevers, lemme just say that I, Mr. Silber, must make this disclaimer in the interests of full disclosure: all reviews found here are entirely my own, my own impressions, which may or may not be based on actual experiences with the product or service putatively under consideration (hey, I never said that they were first-hand impressions!)…okay?

Okay, good, glad that that’s out of the way…now…where was I?

Oh yeah.

So like I’ve been saying, these here are my opinions and that’s that.  Don’t blame me if you buy something I recommend!