The Coby KTFDVD 1093: A 10-Inch Under-the-Cabinet DVD/CD Player with TV

34047864-2-200-0While traditionally, televisions never had a place in the kitchen you’re going to find that because folks spend so much time there this is something they in fact want. The only option, of course, is purchasing an under the cabinet television similar to what the old fashioned under the cabinet radios would look like. There a lot of people who spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen mainly because the need to prepare meals for their families and a device like this can make the time fly by. The Coby KTFDVD 1093 10-Inch Under-the-Cabinet DVD/CD Player is the product were going to be examining in the following paragraphs simply because it is one of the better quality devices available.

Although the size of the television is not huge coming in at just over 10 inches you’re going to find that for a kitchen television this is virtually all you are ever going to need. The quality of the image which comes with this unit is also rather impressive as the screen boasts an LCD display. Yet another thing I ought to mention relating to this television is that it is actually a flat screen so you don’t need to worry about something big and bulky hanging from your cabinet. The swivel feature on these sorts of products are something which many men and women like mainly because they can adjust the angle of the television for where they are standing.

You are additionally going to see that this device comes complete with a built in DVD and CD player which allows you to watch movies or listen to your audio programs while you are cooking. This is a great feature for when you are planning a party and wind up investing an entire weekend in the kitchen, as it is going to not be nearly as boring when you are able to watch a movie.

Of course if you would rather watch traditional television you are going to see that because this is actually a digital television you are going to have the ability to pick up all the local broadcasts. If you don’t want to miss out on your soap operas or your other daytime TV shows you will find that while you are preparing dinner you are going to still be able to keep up on everything. There are obviously those men and women out there who would prefer to just listen to the radio while they’re cooking and you are going to see that this also has a built in AM FM radio.

Many folks like to know what other people consider a product before buying, but mainly because this is actually a fairly new product you’re going to see that there has only been one review done on this item on the Amazon website.