Figuring Out Which Among the Top Digital SLR Cameras is the Perfect Camera for You

Canon-dslr-camera1Hundreds of models of cameras are sold today, and you’ve got a lot of
choices when it comes to photo editing software as well. These days
creating high quality and professional looking photos is something that
pretty much anybody can do (or fake). However, you need to get yourself a
good DSLR camera if you’d like to take your photography to the next
level. Digital SLRs function in a similar way as the manual cameras you
may be used to. For instance, you can control shutter speeds, F-stops,
and such. You’re the one who makes the photos look good, not some photo
manipulation software or because you’ve got the camera on auto focus. So
you’ve decided you need a DSLR camera. Which one’s the best for you?
What exactly do you do to narrow down your options? Here are some tips
that will help you out.

If you’re a novice to manual photography
and a point-and-shoot digital camera is what you’ve been using for a
long time, consider getting yourself the Nikon D5000 with the 18-55mm

This is the ideal digital SLR camera for beginners. Beware,
though; the Nikon D5000 is not a cheap camera, costing just a little
under $1000. If you’re after professional looking photos, the Nikon
D5000 is well worth its price tag. Besides the quick action when taking
photos, the Nikon D5000 produces high quality videos. There is a rather
nice lens that comes with the Nikon D5000. If you want a professional
quality digital SLR, you can’t go wrong with the Nikon D800. This
particular digital SLR isn’t for those who are looking for a budget
camera. For the body alone, you can expect to shell out at least $3000,
and the “kit” lens costs extra. Its lenses will set you back several
hundred dollars as well. The camera is well worth its price because its
design is streamlined and it takes photos and videos that are high
quality. The downside to this DSLR camera is its short battery life.

start shopping for a professional digital SLR camera until you’ve made
an objective assessment of your actual skills in photography. If you’ve
mainly done point and shoot photographer, it’s better if you shop for a
basic digital SLR camera. It will make it easy for you to make the
switch from a point-and-shoot camera to a DSLR camera. However, if
you’re an intermediate user or have been doing manual photography for
many years, you’ll find the professional digital SLRs incredibly
helpful. Don’t start shopping until you’ve taken a critical look at your
photography skills you possess. That way you won’t get suckered into
buying a camera that is too much for you too soon (which could ruin your
love for taking photos altogether).

Shopping for a digital SLR
camera isn’t as straightforward as many think, as you have to consider a
lot of things. In this article, you’ve read about a couple of the top
digital SLR cameras today. You’ve also ready about some tips on how to
find the best one for you. The most important thing, though, is that you
should never forget to have fun! You’ll find that photography is very
rewarding both as a profession and hobby, and you can experience this
yourself if you allow yourself to enjoy the process.