Some Important Stuff for the Careful iPhone Owner

concept-13-technically-4gIf you have an iPhone, then you know how much of a powerhouse it can be. The iPhone is one of the best smartphones available, and comes packed with a lot of features. You need a wealth of knowledge to use all of the features available, and you can find out more about these features in this article.

Many people spend a lot of money each and every month on ringtones for their iPhone. You can save money if you use the Ringtone Maker app to create your own. The app is absolutely free and it shows you how to create ringtones out of many of your favorite songs.

In order to take advantage of the iPhone’s ability to make your life easier, be sure to investigate applications that utilize GPS technology to provide you with the locations of nearby gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants. Doing so will help you save time on all of your errands no matter where you happen to be.

If you are using your iPhone and want to save a copy of a page you are looking at, it is easy to take a screen shot. Just press the sleep/wake button at the same time as you press the home button. The screen will flash white and you will hear a sound that is similar to a camera shutter. That is all there is to it!

To increase your storage space on your iPhone, take advantage of iCloud. This will only take you a few minutes to set up, and it can triple or quadruple the amount of space that is made available. This is especially useful if you store a lot of photographs or a big music library on your phone.

Make a list of your most common numbers and place them in a separate contacts list. This will save you a great deal of time, as you will have to scroll through tons of numbers that you only call from time to time. You can even make a few different contacts folders, depending on your needs.

If your iPhone uses iOS4 and up, you can use it as a wireless router. First, access General Settings, then locate the Network button. From this screen, simply tap Set Up Personal Hotspot. You will be asked to confirm the change by your service provider. Now you can connect your iPod, computer or other device to your iPhone’s wireless connection.

Do not use any accessories for your iphone that are not made by apple. Other company’s accessories have been proven to drain the batteries of the iphone, leaving them almost useless because they die so quickly. They can also cause other operation problems, so be sure that you always use apple accessories with your iphone.

A great tip if you’re new to using an iphone is to take avantage of its GPS features. Say your car broke down in the middle of nowhere and you need a tow truck to come give you a lift. You can use your iphone to pinpoint where you are.

One of the great strengths of the iPhone is how easy the touchscreen makes it to key in messages. You can improve your texting speed even further if you know some good tricks. One of the best is the fast period. You don’t have to open up the punctuation section to get a period; just double-tap “space” to insert one automatically.

As stated before in the introduction, the iPhone is one of the most power packed phones available for purchase. The phone has so much potential thanks to everything that was programmed and built into it, but you have to use all of this abilities to get the most out of it.

Several Reasons You Should Consider Getting An iPhone

shutterstock_106166264-223822_238x238Now that you bought your first iphone you are probably wondering about what this new technology can do for you. The article below offers you many great tips and tricks that will let you in on all the different functions of the iphone that many people are not aware of. Read on and learn some of those tricks.

Set your iPhone to retrieve emails and other data less frequently. Some individuals have their phones set to retrieve these things every minute, and this drains battery life faster than almost anything else. If you instead set your phone to retrieve data every five or ten minutes, you will conserve your battery and therefore, make your phone more useful.

The iPhone will often suggest a word when you type something in with the keyboard that it thinks you have misspelled. If you wish to dismiss this word, just tap anywhere on the screen. This keeps you from having to tap the “x” at the end of the word, and it can help to keep you going with your train of thought.

Would you like an easy way to take a picture of your phone’s current screen? Try this! Press the home and sleep buttons at the same time, and wait for the sound of a camera clicking. Then, head over to your saved photos. You should see an image of your screen in the folder.

Do not rely solely on the iPhone’s auto brightness feature to save battery power. If the auto brightness feature is active, the phone’s brightness sensor will be constantly active and using battery power to adjust the brightness. Instead, use the manual brightness setting and put it on the lowest setting that is visible to you.

If you use a car charger with your iPhone, make sure you do not have your phone plugged in when turning the ignition on or off. Electrical spikes can occur when you are starting or turning off a car, and this can fry the main board of your iPhone. If you insist on using a car charger, buy only a brand-name charger because they typically have a higher quality fuse to protect your device.

There are many myths about how you are supposed to handle an iPhone falling into water. The largest one is using a hairdryer to dry the phone. Instead of drying out all the water that has gotten on the phone, doing this will only serve to push water further into the phone.

Are you sick of how quickly your iPhone batter dies? There are many ways you can preserve the battery life. For instance, you can turn down the back light, close down any apps you are not using and be sure to put the lock on the screen when the phone is in your pocket!

Customize more than the ringtones for each number and person in your contact list. Newer iPhones can have specific vibration patterns for particular people calling in. Hearing and vision-impaired users can even have brightly flashing alerts for specific incoming calls from those they do not want to miss out talking to.

You can create an app out of any website that you visit quite often if you want to be able to access it much easier. All you have to do is open the page in the Safari browser, press the Go To button and select the option “Add to Home Screen.”

If you often download your new iOS apps to multiple devices, try turning on automatic downloads in your setting area on these devices. Then, when any new app is purchased, the app will automatically be downloaded to these devices. No need for you to do anything! It will simply be there the next time you log onto the device.

Do you need to sync information with your iPhone and your Mac computer? There is no option allowing you to sync the information you save on the note app, but you should be able to sync your contact list. Add the information you want to save on your computer to the note fields of your contacts.

If you use your iPhone for a limited number of your favorite apps, consider rearranging your icons to make accessing them much quicker. By moving your most-used apps to the first home screen, you will save a lot of time. This ensures that you can quickly and easily find the information that you need.

Go to your camera quickly when your phone is locked. A good photo opportunity can come and go in the breadth of a heartbeat. To avoid missing out on such an opportunity, just give your iphone’s home button two quick taps. This should immediately bring up your camera or the icon for it.

Save photos you like easily in Safari. If you see an image you want to keep, just press and hold on the photo on the website page. Your iPhone will give you the option of saving a copy of the image. This save is offline so you can use it for personal use through email or anything else.

Are there times you do not want your iPhone to switch from vertical display to horizontal display or the other way around? When you want to keep it from switching, you can quickly engage an orientation lock. Tap the home key twice, and then swipe left. Tap the looped arrow that appears, and that will lock your orientation.

Take a screen shot on your iPhone. Do you want to capture a shot of your screen? You can quickly push down the Home button, and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time, and then release it. You should hear a camera sound. This will take a picture of whatever is on your screen, and it can be found in your picture file.

Now that you read the above article, you should be up to speed with all the little technological advances of the iphone. The iphone is great little gadget, but it works best when you know all the tips and tricks. After reading the above information you should have some great knowledge about what the iphone is all about.

Reviews, Schmeviews!

PRO_IMG_1321818625_hand_sanitizer_220Oh blast it, it’s time for another of my famous Zalman Silber digital reviews.  You know, where I tell you about stuff I can’t afford to own myself, relying on review copies or, in most cases, (other) review sites!

Heh heh…okay, well, here’s where I come clean (and it’s only my fifth or sixth or so-th post — how’s that for being honest right from the beginning…virtually!): I don’t really know what I’m talking about.  I’m just a consumer like you.  And yeah, maybe I play with these things every now and then…but maybe I don’t.  And then what?

Well, you can still trust that these are my opinions, Zalman’s very own, as well his very best!  So before I grow this blog any bigger and risk offending lotsa loyal listeners/readers/whatevers, lemme just say that I, Mr. Silber, must make this disclaimer in the interests of full disclosure: all reviews found here are entirely my own, my own impressions, which may or may not be based on actual experiences with the product or service putatively under consideration (hey, I never said that they were first-hand impressions!)…okay?

Okay, good, glad that that’s out of the way…now…where was I?

Oh yeah.

So like I’ve been saying, these here are my opinions and that’s that.  Don’t blame me if you buy something I recommend!


Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung-galaxy-s-4-26-of-35Woohoo!!  Samsung’s just released its new Galaxy S4 smartphone — and boy is it a stunner!  I rather liked the SIII so this one’s gotta be better, right?  Well, I don’t really know, but I’d bet so…and the reviews are pretty positive; really positive, actually.

The thing I want to note, though, is that this phone has got a five-inch screen.  That’s a whole five inches!  I mean, wow, when will it stop??  Maybe it’s just my age but I remember the days when everyone was trying to get the smallest handset possible — small was cool, minimal was cool, you know?  Nowadays it’s like the opposite direction: will Samsung start a trend?

Well, I don’t know about you, but Zalman Silber (that’s me, remember) thinks it’s ridiculous — imagine holding an iPad to your ear next time you want your pizza delivered…I mean, that’s the trend of things, init??  Screens gonna get all bigger and bigger and people just gonna walk around looking all funny-like….

Now don’t get me wrong, I like my electronic gadgets just like everyone else — who doesn’t like colorful graphics and cool polyphonic sounds?  Been something of a gadget freak since the Eighties, back when 64K was standard and 128K cutting edge!!  Ah, those were the good ol’ days all right…again, I ain’t no Luddite, understand, but something seems to be missing in this day and age of techno-fads.

Take it from me, ol’ Zalman Silber, and mark my words well: one day pretty soon, we won’t have big screens to worry about anymore…take a look at the Google glasses!  It will just involve a little more bit of advanced technological wizardry to have the glasses incorporate a phone, that’s all.  Can’t wait for the day!

Or, or I should say “and” really since I believe this will also happen, simultaneously: flexible screens will be available so that even though we like our screens big but don’t want to haul ‘em around, well, you know Corning, the makers of the Gorilla Glass that’s used in Apple’s iPhone?  They also have something that’s flexible, like you know how those eyeglass frames are flexible?  Well, they have these things being developed that are LEDs or something but which is flexible, bendable…you know how you roll up a newspaper once you’re down with it?  Well, in much the same way, you can (will be able to) just roll up your smartphone/tablet/computer whachamacallit…soon!

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras Is An Excellent Buy

70-200mmII-550x313It is uncommon that a company can enhance a product that is viewed as
the best but Canon did exactly that with the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II
USM Telephoto Lens. It keeps all of the characteristics of the original
but boosts the optical quality, speed and overall performance. In the
event you never had an L lens, you’re going to be very amazed with its
incredible sharpness.

If you are indoors, the photo will be
sharper because of Image Stabilization. Motion blur via the movement of
the lens will be reduced, but not from the subject, where greater effect
comes from the bigger aperture. To shield the camera from the elements,
you will find a black o-ring at the mount but to make a complete seal,
you are going to need a lens filter. You’ll be able to do an incredible
job with this lens for sports or portrait photography. Quite a few may
believe that there isn’t a reason to upgrade from an already good lens.
It’s been almost a decade between the original and the most recent so
there has been numerous technological improvements made to the most
recent update.

There is a far better design to the buttons, and
transitioning to MF when shooting is not a problem anymore. Unlike the
very first edition, there isn’t any sound of the gyro since the latest
version has the silent Image Stabilization technology. With five UD
elements and one fluorite, the quality of the optics was improved.
There’s an improvement to contrast with reduced flare. It focuses more
quickly and quieter and much closer, which provides you better tight
portraits when inside. Due to the different texture and a lock feature,
it makes it painless to put on and take out the lens. If you are
planning to keep your lens for the long term, the chances are you would
want to upgrade to this lens.

Like every excellent Canon lens,
the cost is high but it is everything you will expect. L lenses are
quite heavy simply because in order to have a fixed aperture of f2.8 for
the zoom range, lots of glass is needed. A few tips which can help you,
include using Mode 2 of Image Stabilization if you are planning on
panning right or left, like following a car. If you pick 2.5 to infinity
on the focus distance selector you might have difficulty focusing

A lot of people who invested in the Canon EF 70-200mm
f/2.8L II IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras found it to
be a superb lens and definitely worth the investment. This type of lens
is not a casual purchase but meant for individuals who enjoy